Winter Glacon Lampe Berger Gift Pack

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Winter Glacon Lampe Berger Gift Pack

Fragrance - Festive Fir 250ml

Capture the very essence of winter with this Lampe Berger Gift Pack with woody and refreshing scents, evocative of the magical atmosphere of snowy days and evenings by the fire.

This Winter Lampe Berger Gift Pack is perfect for diving into the warm holiday atmosphere. Its modern design in frosted glass immediately makes you think of snowy winter landscapes and its minimalist curves joyfully embellish your interior. The woody and refreshing fragrance Festive Pine can recreate the atmosphere of an enchanted forest. Each breath immerses you a little deeper in the winter magic. The green notes offer invigorating freshness, just like when pure cool air caresses your cheeks. The pine balm and sandalwood bring a soothing woody and resinous touch, imprinted with conviviality. These different scents, rich and evocative, combine harmoniously to recreate the spirit of Christmas. A seasonal essential, this Winter Lampe Berger Gift Pack effectively eliminates bad smalls, purifying the atmosphere thanks to its patented catalytic system, while diffusing a pleasant and mesmerising scent. This is the perfect object to offer as a gift, to fully enjoy your home.

Gift Pack comes with 250ml of Festive Fir

At Christmas, the Christmas tree is the star of the house: it decorates, lights up, warm, welcomes gifts at its foot and above all smells great. Rediscover all these magical moments with this woody and refreshing fragrance. Its pure green top notes are an immediate ode to nature. A freshness that emerges with balsam of fir, pine and eucalyptus in its heart. Before the timeless woody notes of sandalwood and cedar settle in.

Also available in the Winter Diffuser; nice treat to enjoy for the festive advent bringing the Christmas fragrance into your home early


Pin needles, Green notes, Clean notes


Pine Eucalyptus, Balsam fir


Cedarwood, Sandalwood


Height - 13.5 cm
Width - 7.5 cm
Length - 7.5 cm
Material - Iced glass
Amount - 250 ml
Mount - Straight and heavy mounting
Color - Frosted White
Reference - 004730
Regulatory information - Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.


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