Land Collection

At the dawn of the new year of 2021, a general awareness becomes more and more necessary and assumed: reconnecting with nature. More than ever, humans need to rediscover their roots and traditions in a process of authenticity. The Land Collection, with it's mix of ochre, vegetation and frosted shades, evokes a peaceful and green panorama where the naturalness, craftmanship and heritage of Maison Berger Paris are in the spotlight.

First collaboration between Anthony Gambus and Maison Berger Paris. This industrial designer is recognized for products as well as technological and ergonomic features. Within the framework of this collaboration, he drew his inspiration from the origins of design, referring to raw codes and ancestral know-how. The shape of the lamp body resembles traditional pottery shapes, while the openwork metal wire frame highlights the heart of the catylic lamp, paying tribute to our original know-how.