Originally designed to purify the air of hospital rooms at the beginning of the 20th century, the little lamp of the pharmacy technician, Mr. Berger, quickly enjoyed phenomenal success with the public.

Revisited by renowned designers and adopted by leading figures from the world of the arts (Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette or Jean Cocteau), It gradually became a style icon, appreciated as much for its elegant lines as its delicate fragrances.

Faced with this craze, the successors of Maurice Berger have chosen to continue to explore this unique world with new design objects, such as bouquets, candles and many more.

The name «Lampe Berger» no longer reflects the diversity of the brand’s creations, it has now selected the name «Maison Berger Paris». Tribute to a unique place of creation and inspiration around a French passion for the arts and interior fragrances.

Having stocked Lampe Berger for a number of years now, we really can say that it is one of the best gift products in our collection; combine this unique functionality with the aesthetic appeal of the beautifully crafted Lamps and you have a fabulous gift idea and essential household item.
How does it work? The basic function of a Lampe Berger is to, "eliminate bad odours by cleansing the air, whilst scenting and decorating the home." In fact it will eliminate 68% of airborne bacteria, and is ideal for combating; cigarette smoke, cooking odours, pet odours, paint fumes and many other forms of household pollution. The patented catalytic burner destroys odours and purifies the air, before dispersing the fragrance of your choice.

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