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Crystal Selenite Oval Palm Stone 7cm with Crescent & Full moon pattern 


Stunning selenite oval palm stone with a smooth.  On one side has a cresent moon, full moon & crescent moon inscribed into the selenite surface.

The sizing of these can vary. Approx dimensions  - H6cm x W7cm x D2cm

These palm stones are smooth and 'soft' to the touch. They are a very comfortable shape for holding in your hand. 

Just holding a Selenite oval stone they are an excellent natural tool for relaxation.  The calming vibe can bring you moments of stillness and tranquility

Perfect treat to yourself or a gift for a special person

Selenite is often associated with clearing negative energy and purifying emotion and is popular as a tool in the practices of meditation, yoga and reiki.

Holding a palm stone in your hand creates a strong connection between the stone's energy and your energy field or aura. 


More About Selenite
The energy of all colours and forms of selenite promote a feeling of spirituality and encourage connection with the divine. Selenite has a gentle and fine vibration is often associated with opening up the crown chakra and also accessing angelic consciousness. Larger pieces of selenite can be placed in your home to help bring peace and divine influences. 

The clear form of the crystal, in particular, represents clarity, reminding us to aim to think clearly and without prejudice. 

Note: be careful if you cleanse selenite as, although some contact with water is okay, it's a soft mineral and could deteriorate if left in water for long periods of time.


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