27cm Black and Grey Soapstone Carved Incense Tower - Mandala Design


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Black/Grey Soapstone Carved Incense Tower

Dark soapstone incense tower with 3 spiritual symbol designs of mandala, elephants and tree of life in black and grey.

These positive, detailed illustrations complete a sophisticated incense burner in monochrome. Soapstone has been hand-carved in India for thousands of years and historically used for warmth and cooking. It is durable, with natural qualities of heat tolerance and storage, making it appropriate for creating elaborate incense holders of all kinds.

An attractive, simple solution for burning incense sticks while concealing them. Raise the tower from the base to place incense inside and enjoy the aroma as it drifts from the upper vents.

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  • Hand Crafted in India
  • Ethical - Made using authentic traditional skills & preserving the heritage of generations
  • Eco Friendly - Fair trade products with the least environmental impact

Size: 8 x 8 x 27cm




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