Maison Berger - Aroma Energy Gift Set

Lampe Berger

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 Maison Berger Aroma Gift Set - Energy 

It fizzes, it crackles, it sparkles and bursts with energy... It's an allegro, a catchy tune, the promise of restorative vitality!

The diffuser is minimal and simple: a delicate Aroma Lampe Berger with a round frosted white glass bottle, a transparent, subtle and light floral decoration, and a straight mounting. But the fragrance is electrifying. The top and heart express a profusion of dynamic citrus fruits! This vigour is blended with sensuality on a spicy musk base. The lively and reassuring qualities are further asserted with essential oil of grapefruit, an antidote to anxiety, an instigator of creativity, an initiator of happiness!
  • Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: straight mounting, burner, stopper and funnel.
  • This gift pack contains a 250ml Aroma Energy - Sparkling Zest gift refill


Makes a perfect gift for a special someone as a house warming gift theyll for sure fall in love with or someone that needs some aromatherapy in their life. Also a great introduction to Maison Berger is starting with the gift packs.

Also available in other aromatherapies including happy, relax & more.



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