Vineyard Candle - Mojito Cocktail

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Mojito Cocktail a light sparkling fragrance, ripe with lime and cut with mint

Perfect summer gift to enjoy - £20.00
Vineyard Candles are created using luxury natural wax blended with the finest fragrances from around the world. Poured by hand into a glass container repurposed from a beautiful wine bottle,the rim polished by flame to give a perfect finish.
Burn time: Excess of 80 hours
Natural Soya Wax
Repurposed Flame polished Wine Bottle
Presentation packaging

Winner 2016 Gift of the year Award - made in the UK


At the end... 

The last bit of wax in the candle can be removed by soaking your candle in warm water (hand hot is fine). You can then use your glass as a drinking glass or a plant pot, you can put the glass in the recycling or you can even send it back to Vineyard Candles and they will use them again...