Maison Berger AROMA Focus -  Aromatic Leaves Scented Diffuser

Maison Berger AROMA Focus - Aromatic Leaves Scented Diffuser

Maison Berger Aroma

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Maison Berger AROMA Focus Aromatic Leaves Scented Bouquet

Volume: 180ml.

Description :

The Aroma Focus scented reed diffuser has aromachological virtues conducive to concentration, thanks to its fragrance enriched with essential oils of peppermint and rosemary. Aromatic Leaves, such as basil and star anise combine with green notes and spicy cloves, forming a powerful fragrant whole. This unique olfactory composition is also enhanced by the elegance of a frosted glass reed diffuser with a transparent, refined floral decor with its 100% natural willow stems that allow you to effectively diffuse the fragrance when cold.

Fill up on creativity with the Aroma Focus scented reed diffuser with our Aroma collection reed diffuser refill.

AROMA FOCUS Aromatic Leaves

FRAGRANCE An aromatic and fresh fragrance, containing essential oils known to enhance creativity and concentration.

  • TOP NOTES Rosemary, Green Notes 
  • HEART NOTES Star Anise, Peppermint, Basil 
  • BASE NOTES Clove, Basil

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Product benefit :

Diffusion time roughly 8 weeks to fill up on energy and restore vigour. Contains essential oil of grapefruit to enhance the positive, stimulating and refreshing effect, to improve concentration and creativity, give you a boost, reduce anguish and anxiety

Expert tip :

Use this home fragrance with your twig bouquet and turn the twigs regularly to reactivate diffusion and enhance your relaxation. Contains a frosted Parfum Berger bottle filled with 180ml of Zestes Toniques fragrance and 6 natural willow twigs.

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