Maison Berger Aroma Relax Gift Set

Maison Berger Aroma

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Maison Berger Aroma Gift Set;

Frosted white glass lamp with a floral leaf decoration.

250ml Aroma Relax fragrance - Oriental comfort 

Do you need grounding, a refuge, a haven of peace? The Aroma Relax gift pack offers your interior all the qualities to turn you home into a cocoon of relaxation, a bubble of peace.

It all begins with a wonderfully delicate lamp: a curved bottle in discreet frosted white glass, with a light, transparent floral decoration and a sophisticated, straight mounting. Then there is the fragrance: the Oriental Comfort Home Fragrance has a feminine and subtly powdery olfactory composition with a slight ambered top note, a tender floral heart, and finally the creamy scent of sandalwood.

The Oriental Comfort Home Fragrance also contains a complex blend of essential oils: patchouli, which relieves stress; guaiac wood with invigorating properties, and geranium, which balances the whole. Everything encourages relaxation!


This gift set includes:
  • Pur Air Burner
  • Aroma Relax Lampe Berger Refill 250ml
  • Straight & heavy mounting
  • Aroma Lampe Berger
  • Shiny Silver Stopper
  • Transparent Funnel


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