Maison Berger - Essential Round Gift Set

Lampe Berger

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 Maison Berger - Essential Round Gift Box Set with Cotton Carress fragrance


The perfect gift and introduction to the Maison Berger collection

Don't hesitate anymore if you are new to Maison Berger Paris - The Essential Gift packs are a great way to start - available in Oval, Round & Square shaped lamps with popular fragrances carefully chosen as best sellers..


The glass Lampe Berger is simple with its round and transparent body, while its shiny silver tulip mounting offers discreet elegance.

The Home Fragrance duo is wonderfully efficient. The qualities of the So Neutral Home Fragrance are multiple: used alone, it will remove odours from the air without perfuming. Diluted with another perfume, it will adjust the intensity.

The Cotton Caress Home Fragrance offers reassuring softness, elegant airiness and comfortable and mellow olfactory well-being.

  • 1x AIR PUR SYSTEM 3P® catalytic burner
  • 1x funnel
  • 1x stopper
  • 1x Essential Neutral fragrance 250ml
  • 1x Cotton Caress 250ml


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