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Maison Berger

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Maison Berger Gift Set

Essential Square with 250ml Ocean Breeze & Neutral

The Lampe Berger Essential Square Gift Pack is making a comeback, and this all-in-one pack is a well-recognised and much appreciated best-seller.
Its square shape is a sign of solidity and structure. Its transparent container in complete simplicity allows you to see the fragrance level remaining.
Two Lampe Berger refills are also included in this gift pack. The Air Pure - Essential Neutral perfume purifies the air in your home without adding fragrance, adjuting the fragrance intensity and cleaning the burner. While the Ocean Breeze fragrance adds its aquatic scents. Its floral heart delivers blossoming plant notes underscored by gentle and exotic marine fragrances. Take an unexpected cruise on the waves, a pleasant moment of escapade that can be repeated ad infinitum.
Maison Berger Paris invites you to enjoy some perfumed moments with the Lampe Berger Essential Square Gift Pack, a daily ritual that introduces you to all the advantages of the catalytic system. Purify, perfume and decorate your home with this easy to use perfume ritual.
This gift pack contains:
  • 250ml Air Pur So Neutral gift refill
  • 250ml Ocean Breeze gift refill
  • 1x AIR PUR SYSTEM 3P® catalytic burner
  • 1x funnel
  • 1x stopper


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