Maison Berger - Green Alliance Gift Pack

Lampe Berger

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Maison Berger - Green Alliance Gift Pack

Makes a perfect gift for a special someone as a house warming gift they'll for sure fall in love with. Also a great introduction to Maison Berger is starting with the gift packs.

About the collection:
Intensity and elegance come together in this Green Alliance Lamp Gift Pack. The designer, Armand Delsol, took inspiration from modern architecture to come up with a unique design for the catalytic lamp, which resembles an arch. The colour shading adds a touch of originality. The Virginia Cedarwood fragrance with its woody scents of pine and cedar is an invitation to naturalness and freedom, for a purified and perfumed interior.

The Lebanon Cedar Home Fragrance pays homage to this wonderful raw material in perfumery. Its flight is bright and natural, blending citrus fruits with pine needles, subtly spiced with cloves. A true escape in the great open air where the woody notes of cedar and lignum vitae are enveloped in a milky sweetness. A fragrance imbued with freedom.

Head notes; Pine, Orange, Lemon. Heart Notes; Clove, Coconut. Base Notes; Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Gaïac.


This box includes:


Height: 12.5 cm
Width: 9.5 cm
Length: 7.2 cm
Material: Lacquered glass


Also available in violet & red.


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