Matte White Ceramic Wax Burner - 'Family is Where...'

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Matte White Ceramic Wax Burner - 'Family is Where...'

A simple, white oil burner and wax melt warmer with sweet 'Family, where life begins and love never ends'  cut out phrases and small hearts. Finished in a matte white with a glazed dish on top to place your melts in. Has a large opening at the back to place your t-light candle inside.

Can make a special gift for someone paired with their favourite fragrance from our range of hand poured Wax Melts!

Measurements: H11cm x W11cm x D11cm
Material: Porcelain

Safety warning;

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Keep out of the reach of children & pets
  • Always place burner on a suitable surface away from flammable objects
  • Extinguish candles with a candle snuffer, do not blow them out
  • Always read & follow the manufacturers instructions on candles
  • Do not allow hot wax to come into contact with skin
  • Always use a standard tea light candle for all oil burner products
  • Please take care when moving an oil burner as it may get hot while in use
  • Always ensure the oil is diluted before using with an oil burner
  • Do not overfill dish, use appropriate amount wax or oil accordingly 
  • Do not allow the pool of wax or oil to completely evaporate 

How to clean;

  • Allow burner to cool completely before cleaning
  • Clean residue with warm soapy water

Also available in other quotes!

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