Parfum Berger - AROMA Focus Aromatic Leaves refill

Maison Berger Aroma

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Maison Berger Refill for AROMA Focus Aromatic Leaves

Volume: 200ml

Description :

The Aroma Focus Bouquet Refill is a fragrant concentrate of Aromatic Leaves enriched with essential oils of peppermint and rosemary. This fragrance blossoms with green notes matched with rosemary and its invigorating aromatic scents. The delicate and refined aromas of star anise and basil are magnified by peppermint and bring a lot of freshness.

Finally, the olfactory composition ends with nicely spiced clove notes and a hint of basil. The purity of the ingredients used for this fragrance gives you the impression of smelling the delicious aromas that escape from the kitchen when you prepare good little dishes. This Aroma Focus Bouquet Refill is beneficial for your concentration and promotes your creative spirit. By recharging your fragrant bouquet with this solution, you benefit from all its aromachological virtues. The Aroma collection has many other benefits to discover without further delay.

Product benefit :

Diffusion time approximately 8 weeks, to feel good, to be happy. Contains essential oil of eugenol to enhance the energising effect, boost mental and physical well-being, release blocked energy and stimulate the intellectual faculties.


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