White Polyresin Apple & Pear Decoration


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Polyresin Apple & Pear Decoration

Stunning white polyresin apple & pear decorations, with the stem small carved lines and hexagon shape finish. This would look great in your home, sat on your kitchen top or displayed on any shelf or mantelpiece. A timeless accessory that can be styled in many ways.

Either the full collection or just one or two dotted around, they are a great finishing touch.

This product is available in the current sizes:

  • Small Apple: CE120455 - £11 - H12.5cm x D12cm 
  • Medium Apple: CE120456 - £18 - H15 cm x D16 cm - out of stock
  • Small Pear: CE120457 - £11 - Size; H16cm x D11.5cm - out of stock
  • Medium Pear: CE120458 - £18 - Size; H21.5cm x D14.5cm


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