Velvet of Orient Car Diffuser Refills

Maison Berger

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Velvet of Orient Car Diffuser Refills

These Velvet of Orient Diffuser Refills bewitch you with their voluptuous floral charm and play of chiaroscuro scented notes. The power of the opium flower, coupled with the freshness of citrus fruits and aromas of coffee, immediately sets the tone of the fragrance. The character of this composition is further affirmed on contact with spicy pink pepper, softened somewhat by the soft, sunny femininity of orange blossom. In the base, a touch of vanilla rounds off this set with delicacy, amidst warm amber and woody scents. Enough to board all passengers during the trip! With a moderate intensity of 3 out of 5, Velvet of Orient Car Diffuser Refills deliver a pleasant fragrance. To enjoy, just slip one of the scented ceramics (two are included in this pack) into the receptacle of one of our car clips. The fragrance will then be present for up to about 8 weeks in your passenger compartment.
  • The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.
  • Does not come with the diffuser but this can be bought in a set or separately.
  • Fragrance intensity - 3 out of 5


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