Matali Crasset

A blend of modern and industrial inspirations for scented objects with original designs.

The well-known designer matali crasset has lent her creative flair to Maison Berger Paris for an exceptional collaboration.

The designer's challenge was considerable: to go beyond the neutralisation of unpleasant smells and to firmly position the Lampe Berger as an object that cares for the air, every day. In fact, a general awareness of the world around us is taking place, and it naturally concerns the quality of the air we breathe. It is therefore essential to return to basics, with the central notions of breathing, but especially purification, and at the same time propose a more contemporary range.

To achieve this, the collection is based on the same guiding principle: the woven wick that is central to the operation of the catalytic lamp. Functional and visual background work was carried out on materials, colours and the design of the meshing, to symbolise this key notion of breathing.

The main message is: allow time for dissemination and be aware of the moment in time.