Evanescence Collection

Evanescence Collection the ultimate refined decorative object, part of a timeless universe. Its designer Serge Rusak want to emphasise the glasswork, imprinting it with his modern and singular style. The body of this catalytic lamp is finely crafted and in several places we see a play on textures with diamond tips, a reminder of the original brand models.

Its geometric finish and its layered colour in Grey or Tan with a subtle smoked glass effect, lead to a highly contemporary visual appearance. It is topped off with an original mount with a that has a graphic Art-Deco appeal.

The Evanescence Lampe Berger Gift Box comes with the elegant Mystic Leather fragrance. It will enchant your senses with the vibrant and sensual aromas of cardamom and incense, enhanced with hints of leather. The atmosphere becomes warm and fragrant, purifying and elevating your interior.blend of modern and industrial inspirations for scented objects with original designs.

New AW23