Maison Berger - Alpha Nude Lamp

Maison Berger

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Maison Berger - Lampe Berger 

Nude Alpha Lamp 

New Cycle 1 - 2023

    Shake things up by adopting an antique-style decoration, revisited in a modern and subtle way, with this Lampe Berger as a statement for your interior.

    A popular model from the collection, this Nude Alpha Lampe Berger is a reissue. The lacquered glass has been worked in a more neutral tone to fit in with your decoration. Its light and delicate, somewhat feminine colour contrasts with its striking design. The vertical lines, inspired by ancient Greece, recall the columns from ancient architecture. They are also found on the body of the catalytic lamp and on the gold-coloured metal mount, which is perfectly highlighted.

    This Nude Alpha Lampe Berger with its elegant character fits in with a contemporary universe, adding a touch of offbeat excessiveness, carried out with majesty. Your room is dressed in style and stands out with this neo-antique trend which shakes up codes. To benefit from its purifying and perfuming aura, accompany it with a 500 ml or 1 litre catalytic lamp refill. You will then be able to enjoy all its benefits while accentuating its sober or extravagant side!

    • Height 17.5 cm
    • Width 10 cm
    • Length 5.5 cm
    • Material - Lacquered glass
    • Mount - Alpha Gold Mounting
    • Color - Nude
    • Reference - 004770


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