Aphrodite Fragranced T-Light Holders (Set Of 6)


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Aphrodite Fragranced T-Light Holders (Set Of 6)

Deceptively simple and utterly unique, this set of 6 tea light holders will infuse every corner of your home with the Aphrodite home fragrance oil. Simply pop in a standard un-fragranced tea light, and as the candle begins to warm the gorgeous fragrance of the holder will be released. Pairing a subtle fragrance with a sleek and stylish aesthetic that will uplift any room.

Once the t-light holder is charged with oil & the candle begins to warm, it will begin to gradually diffuse it's effortlessly likeable aroma, once often fondly compared to the crisp, fresh scent of a classic masculine aftershave with a winning combination of sandalwood, jasmine andopoponax essential oils. A woody-citrus masterpiece that ticks every box without compromise.

Also available as a diffuser, heart fragrant fresheners & Aromid. Shop our full collection here.

Comes in a lovely gift box making the perfect gift. Or the best treat is always to yourself!

Each piece is hand made in the heart of Sussex and will bring you months of fragrant delight. Refresh & replenish the fragrance as and when desired (usually after a couple of months) with a few drops of the Aphrodite concentrated diffuser oil.


How to use:

Simply place a standard un-fragranced tealight into this stunning, uniquely marbled holder and as the tealight itself heats up, the holder will begin to warm through and start to release its amazing fragrance. After many months, to increase the intensity of the fragrance, simply pour a tiny amount of refresher oil onto the holder (NOT the candle) to ensure continued fragrance perfection. DO NOT do this when the candle is lit and do not relight the candle until the oil is fully absorbed and the holder is dry once again. 

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Handmade in East Sussex
  • Item no: 2301

Please note this is an air freshener product. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not allow this product to come into contact with polished or painted surfaces which may be damaged by fragrance oil. 

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