Aphrodite 'Stinky Feet' - Shoe & Bag Fresheners


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Aphrodite 'Stinky Feet' - Shoe & Bag Fragrant Fresheners

Part of our new aromatherapy range, these are the modern-day shoe & sports bag fresheners! 2 pairs of trainer-shaped 'Stinky Feet' fragrant fresheners infused with the stunning Aphrodite Fragrance. These are perfect for fighting the odours from shoes or sports bags but also perfect for small spaces such as the car, cupboards, inside handbags, wardrobes or clothes drawers. The possibilities are endless.

The Aphrodite fragrance is often compared to the scent of a masculine aftershave. A woody-citrus masterpiece that ticks every box without compromise. Also available as a diffuser, tea light holders & Aromid freshener. Shop the full collection here.

Comes in a lovely gift box making the perfect gift. Or the best treat is always to yourself!


How long do they last?

These fragrant fresheners release their fragrance gradually for months and months, however when the time comes that you want to increase the intensity of the scent (usually after around 6 months), you can refresh the fragrance with the Aphrodite concentrated oil.

How do I refresh the fragrance?

Place the 'Stinky Feet' into a small plastic bag, a sandwich bag will do, along with 2 capfuls of the Aphrodite oil. Give the bag a couple of shakes, leave for around 5 minutes for the oil to absorb into the complex molecular structure of the shoes. Take them out of the bag and you're all set for another 2-3 months of beautiful fragrance. You can repeat this process for around 2 years before you might want to think about replacing your 'stinky feet' with a new set.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Handmade in East Sussex
  • Item no: 2055

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