Black Honeycomb Paper Trees - 70cm


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Black Honeycomb Paper Trees - 70cm


A WOW simple statement tree decoration; lovely, timeless and stylish accessory for your home this Christmas. These honeycomb trees made out of sturdy paper make a beautiful contemporary touch to your home.

My favourite this season and my kind of decoration mixing the two colours & sizes together...

Place along a mantlepiece, as a centre piece for your dining table or any table top. And why not pair them with other colours and sizes as shown in the pictures.


Small: 50cm (6193957) - £20  SOLD OUT

Gently bring together the magnets on both sides of the honeycomb ornament to form the shape, easily can be separated to make flat and stored away in the brown recycled paper envelope & box from one year to another


Large: 70cm (619398J) - £43

This honeycomb tree is in two parts and easily put together using paperclips that are provided. Gently bring together the large base and position approx 4 paperclips down the area that joins.  The top half is the same and will need approx 3 paperclips and then place it on top of the base.  Position the paperclips at the back so not visible.  These can easily be separate to make flat and stored away in the brown box from one year to another 


Also available in the same ornament designs/sizes in white.

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