Bougie La Française Tapered Candle - Mauve

Bougie La Française

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Bougie La Française Tapered Candle H20cm

Colour - Intense Mauve

Bougie La Française, Maison Bergers sister company.

Intense Mauve Straight Candles brings softness to a room while attracting light and inviting tranquility. Mauve has a real personality, symbol of creativity, mystery or dream.

These table candles are elegant and they blend perfectly with a natural interior. Made in France on ancestral machines, these Intense Mauve Straight Candles are designed using traditional methods to guarantee you top-of-the-range quality.

These candles certify you an exceptional burning quality, ensuring combustion without risk of dripping. Dare to wear this modern and delicate hue with the set of 12 Pastel Pink Straight Candles for even more softness and luminosity.

Candles made in France. Candlestick not supplied with.

Burn time: approx 7h per candle

Type of wax: Paraffin with cotton wick
Measurements: H20cm x D2.2cm
007166 / 7166

Sold in singles.

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