Crystal Energy Point - Smokey Quartz

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Crystal Smokey Quartz Energy Point - H9cm & 500g sizes

Perfect treat to yourself or a gift for a special person

Points can be used in combination with other crystals to create an energy grid, opening and aligning whilst clearing the aura bodies and opening energy blocks whilst harnessing positive energy. A single crystal point pointed away from the body draws energy off, and pointed inwards draws energy in.

Part of the Quartz family of crystal this variety is best known for its grounding ability as well as its ability to raise vibrations during meditation. It is linked to the root chakra

Points are sold individually and due to the natural nature of the crystal, do vary slightly in size, shape and colour & weight

A - Approx. H9cm, Dia 4.5cm & 500g in weight £59

B - Approx. H8.5cm, Dia 7cm & 500g in weight £59

Made in Brazil 

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