East of India Pebble - Cloud 'The sky's the limit'

East of India

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East of India Quotable pebble collection -

Small gifts with a meaningful quote for someone special

White Cloud Pebble 'The sky's the limit'

East of India porcelain pebble collection is available in Rustic or White in different shapes; simply round/oval, hearts, clouds, flowers & stars.. Each one is a lovely keepsake with a variety of meaningful quotes making it a special token gift for under £5.00

This chunky cloud pebble can be easily stood up on a flat surface or laid down with the quote 'The sky's the limit' on it. This small yet meaningful gift will for sure brighten someone's day!

Also available in other lovely, sentimental quotes.

Size: H3.5 x W4.5 x D1.7cm
Code - 6743

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