Hanlin Sheepskin Premium Medium Rug - Rust


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Hanlin - Pure New Wool Genuine Sheepskin

Premium Medium Rug Colour - Rust +90cm

The sheepskin rugs are of the highest quality, premium quality. Bringing outdoor natural beauty to a home. Can be used on the floor in any room of the house or draped over a bench or chair for a soft, sophisticated and comfortable seating! 

  • Rugs are a sustainable and Eco-Friendly product.

  • They are of premium quality being carefully processed to preserve their natural beauty.

  • Each sheepskin is then carefully sewn together to create the various sizes in different configurations - Each rug is unique.

  • Care for it and it will reward you with lasting good looks

  •  Can be washed - see washing instructions on the reverse

Colour: Rust
Measurements: 5.5cm Wool Length/Height.
Full Length - Medium, Size 90cm + (approx)

With each rug being unique due to the natural material used, you can select the exact shape and style you would like by selecting a label with a picture on our website!

Also available in other colours and sizes.


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