100% Natural Himalayan Salt T-light Holder


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100% Natural Himalayan Salt T-light holder

A lovely, natural and eye catching decoration for your home that can set a warm ambience in the evenings when the candle is lit inside. These Himalayan salt home accessories also provide amazing health benefits, see below for the list.

Requires a small t-light holder that perfectly sits inside. The salt may get damp if you have a lot of humidity in the air as it attracts the moisture. Reducing airborne bacteria & infection in your home and eliminating allergens.

Stay well naturally!

Each one is unique and will vary in size & shape.
Approx measurements: H:9cm W:9cm D:9cm

Comes in a lovely box.

Claimed health benefits;

  • Attracts Humidity
  • Removes moisture from the air & therefore pollutants
  • Neutralize the 'electronic pollution' in the air
  • Reduces allergens & irritants
  • Creates a soothing effect
  • Aids Sleep
  • Improves Mood

Approx. 1kg in weight

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