Maison Berger - Adjustable Quintessence Car Diffuser

Maison Berger

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Maison Berger - Adjustable Quintessence Car Diffuser

Dreams of Oriental - Golden Wheat

A delicate mesh design and silver finish accompany this adjustable car diffuser with the luxurious Golden Wheat fragrance.

The Adjustable Quintessence Car Diffuser is the embodiment of discreet luxury, enhancing the driving experience with elegance and sophistication. Designed to beautify and scent your space during travel, this elegant diffuser combines functionality and aesthetics, offering adjustable fragrance intensity for a tailored experience.

Coming with Golden Wheat fragrance, this diffuser awakens the senses with a scent that blends the softness of wheat fields with the warmth of wood and tonka bean. It is a woody and luxurious fragrance that transforms each journey into a refined countryside escape.

The design incorporates the distinctive mesh play of the Quintessence collection, with a shiny silver finish and an engraved band. The pack comes with a Golden Wheat refill, making it an essential accessory for lovers of elegant driving and fine perfumery.

The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.

Indulge in the true quintessence of naturalness with a fragrance that highlights the warm, enchanting notes of wheat and chamomile, warmed by the nobility of woods and tonka bean, underlining a precious sophistication. A luxurious woody fragrance with warmed natural neutrals, tasteful sophistication and a refined, warm, upscale atmosphere.
  • Head noteBergamot, Wheat note
  • Heart noteChamomile , Geranium, Jasmine
  • Base noteTonka bean, Sandalwood, Cedarwood
  • Refillable with any Maison Berger car diffuser refill
  • The diffuser must be clipped to your vehicle's air vent
  • H2.5 x W4.5 x L4.5cm
  • Silver metal
  • diffusion Time 4-6 weeks
  • Fragrance intensity - 3 out of 5
  • 7597

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