Parfum Berger Diffuser Refill - Aroma D-Stress

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Maison Berger - Parfum Berger Diffuser Refill 200ml

Aroma Collection: Aroma D-Stress Sweet Fruits Fragrance

The Aroma D-Stress Bouquet Refill with its Sweetness of Fruit allows you to relax. The citrus zesty orange and bergamot notes are highlighted by the pleasantly fruity mandarin essential oil. The sweet notes of the juicy melon mingle with the powdery scents of mimosa and the spicy power of ginger, all fixed by the smell of musk. Light, this fragrance invites you to let go of the world around you and to focus on the present moment, leaving the negative waves behind you.

Sit comfortably, slow your breathing and release your body from its tensions for a renewed well-being. All this is possible thanks to the Aroma D-Stress Bouquet Refill and its soothing aromachological properties. Many other fragrances exist in the Aroma collection, these are available in several gestures to meet your desires and your search for positive emotions. To make your home a real cocoon.

  • To ensure your well-being, our products meet an extremely strict quality charter. Maison Berger Paris undertakes to only diffuse into the air substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled
  • Product ready to use, filled with the Aroma D-Stress fragrance
  • Simply pour your 200ml refill into your diffuser
  • Length of diffusion: 8 weeks to feel happy and de-stressed
  • Contains essential oil of eugenol to enhance the energising effect, boost mental and physical well-being, release blocked energy and stimulate the intellectual faculties.


  • Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
  • To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance, adjust the number of twigs.
  • Change your twigs each time you change the fragrance.

Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot


Melon, Mimosa, Ginger



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