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Maison Berger - Parfum Berger AROMA Scented Reed Diffuser

Aroma Energy Sparkling Zest Fragrance

The warmth of the desert, a torrid heat… Suddenly, a whirlwind of citrus fruits, the turmoil of fruit-flavoured water: no, it isn’t a mirage, it is an unexpected olfactory oasis!

You have crossed expanses of hot sand and slowly escalated the Atlas. You have left behind the ochre of Marrakesh for the red earth of the Ouzoud valley. In front of you, an oasis, with a waterfall in the middle: welcome to the lands of the Berbers. The Aroma Energy Sparkling Zest Scented Bouquet is the promise of a well-deserved break: a touch of freshness in the summer warmth. 6 willow twigs rise from the glass bottle, frosted by the wind.

The Sparkling Zest fragrance is an ode to new-found freshness: the energy of its citrus notes are draped in sensuality with the spicy scents of musk. Essential oil of grapefruit promises a healthy, refreshing and invigorating atmosphere. Enjoy this welcome break thanks to the alliance of French know-how and aestheticism: a system of cold perfuming by capillary action and a fragrance, guaranteed colourant-free, developed in Grasse by master perfumers. The guarantee of air purified efficiently and elegantly.

  • Diffusion time roughly 4 weeks to fill up on energy and restore vigour.
  • Contains essential oil of grapefruit to enhance the positive, stimulating and refreshing effect, to improve concentration and creativity, give you a boost, reduce anguish and anxiety
  • To ensure your well-being, our products meet an extremely strict quality charter. Maison Berger Paris undertakes to only diffuse into the air substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled
  • Product ready to use, filled with the Aroma Energy Sparkling Zest Fruits fragrance
  • Set includes a frosted Parfum Berger bottle filled with 180ml of fragrance and 6 natural willow twigs


  • Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
  • To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance, adjust the number of twigs.
  • Change your twigs each time you change the fragrance.

Grapefruit, Orange


Grapefruit, Pineapple


Musk, Peach

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