Maison Berger AROMA Collection - RELAX Diffuser Refill Volume: 200ml

Maison Berger AROMA Relax - Oriental Comfort Diffuser Refill

Maison Berger Aroma

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Maison Berger AROMA Collection - RELAX Diffuser Refill
Volume: 200ml


Refill for scented bouquet containing 200ml of AROMA Relax Oriental Comfort. An oriental fragrance conducive to relaxation. A delicate aniseed and fruity floral heart on a warm tonka bean and vanilla bottom. Fragrance guaranteed without colourants, developed in France by master perfumers.

The promise:

Diffusion time approximately 8 weeks, to relax and unwind. Contains essential oils of patchouli, guaiac and geranium to accentuate the balancing effect, reduce nervous tension and stress, facilitate meditation and reduce feelings of melancholy

Expert tip:

Use this fragrance with your twig bouquet and turn the twigs over regularly to reactivate diffusion and enhance your relaxation.


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