Maison Berger Gift Set - Quintessence Plum Lampe Berger

Maison Berger

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Maison Berger Lamp Gift Set

Quintessence Collection

Lamp Colour - Blue

250ml Fragrance - Golden Wheat

The Plum Quintessence Lamp Berger Gift Pack is a fine addition to this collection, reflecting the innovative intuition of designer De Vog. Its plum-tinted glass evokes richness and depth, marking a perfect fusion between the art of craftsmanship and contemporary design. Created by De Vog, this Lamp Berger celebrates elegance and authenticity, making each space unique.

Paired with the Golden Wheat fragrance, this scenting and purifying object becomes the epicenter of an enveloping sensory experience. With its aromas of golden grains and chamomile supported by warm notes of wood and tonka bean, it creates a woody and luxurious atmosphere.

Its design is captivating, with its mesh play and signature band, it underscores the sophisticated allure of this Lamp Berger. It stands proudly, becoming a decorative item that attracts the eye and invites contemplation.

      Fragrance - Golden Wheat
      Indulge in the true quintessence of naturalness with a fragrance that highlights the warm, enchanting notes of wheat and chamomile, warmed by the nobility of woods and tonka bean, underlining a precious sophistication. A luxurious woody fragrance with warmed natural neutrals, tasteful sophistication and a refined, warm, upscale atmosphere.
      • Head noteBergamot, Wheat note
      • Heart noteChamomile , Geranium, Jasmine
      • Base noteTonka bean, Sandalwood, Cedarwood
      • H 18cm
      • W 8cm
      • L 8cm
      • Material - Glass
      • Capacity 380ml
      • Mount - Quintessence Mounting
      • Colour - Blue
      • Reference - 004803 / 4803

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