Cotton Caress Lampe Berger Refill

Maison Berger

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Maison Berger - Lampe Berger Refill

Pure Dreams Fragrance - Cotton Caress

Available in 500ml &  1 Litre  

Description: The new Cotton Caress Home Fragrance offers reassuring softness, lightness and elegance; comfortable and tender olfactory well-being. This powdery floral scent opens with clean notes, revealing at the heart an innocent bouquet of roses and orange blossom. This new olfactory composition is enveloped in honey-sweet softness, where vanilla and white musk reflect each other.

Perfume secret: Cotton is a plant fibre which surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant. It is generally transformed into thread, which is woven to make fabric. Cotton is the most produced natural fibre in the world. Embodying purity and comfort, perfumers were inspired by this reassuring softness to create Cotton Caress, a cocoon-like fragrance.

Expert tip: Cotton Caress will envelop your interior in a cocoon-like, light and powdery atmosphere. Its silky trail will create unrivalled olfactory comfort. Use with a lamp in soft shades. Using perfumes other than those of Lampe Berger can seriously damage your burner.

The fragrance :

Top notes: Rose, fresh notes, aldehydes.
Heart notes: Orange blossom, powdery notes.
Bottom notes: Cedar, white honey, musk, vanilla.

Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol. 

  • 500ml  - 115180
  • 1l  - 116180



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