Pyramid Antique Rose Lampe Berger

Maison Berger

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Maison Berger - Lampe Berger 

Pyramid Antique Rose Lamp

With this Antique Pink Pyramid Berger Lamp, Maison Berger Paris pays homage to its deeply rooted roots by reissuing one of its iconic post-war models. Its design oscillating between contemporary classicism and timelessness is its main charm asset. The lacquered glass is highlighted by its plural facets with dazzling reflections, reminiscent of the shape of a pyramid. At its summit, the ornate cross-brace frame sits majestically. The Lampe Berger Pyramide Antique Rose is also illustrated by its vintage cocooning colour, very soft and elegant. In addition to decorating your interior with taste, it purifies and perfumes it.

    Measures: H18 x W9.5cm
    Volume: 280ml
    Material: Glass

    Also available in Antique Green coloured Lampe.

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